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Everybody has a worldview. A worldview is what you believe about life: what is true, what is false, what is right, what is wrong, what are the rules, are there any rules, what is the meaning of life, what is important, what is not.

If a worldview includes a god/God, it is called a religion. If a bunch of people have the same religion, they give it a name.

Nations have worldviews too, a prevailing way of looking at life that directs government policies and laws and that contributes significantly to the culture. Politics is the outworking of that worldview in public life.

Our country’s worldview used to be Christianity. Now we are told it is and has always been secularism, which is practical atheism. This issue divides our country, but those who disagree are divided as well on how to respond.

Our country could not have been founded as a secular nation, because a secular country could not guarantee freedom of religion. Secular values would be higher than religious ones, and they would supersede them when there was a conflict. Secularism sees religion only as your personal preferences, like your taste in food, music, or movies. It does not see religion, any religion, as being true.

But God, prayer, the Bible, and the Ten Commandments were always important parts of our public life, including our public schools, until 1963, when the court called supreme ruled them unconstitutional, almost 200 years after our nation’s founding.

Our country also did not envision a multitude of different religions co-existing in one place, because the people, and the government, would then be divided on the basic questions of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Our Constitution, which we fought a war to be able to enact, states, among other things, that our government exists for us to form a more perfect union, ensure domestic tranquility, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity. It could not do this unless it had a clear vision of what it considers to be true, a vision shared with the vast majority of the people in this country.

I want to engage the government, the culture, and the people who live here to see life again from a Christian perspective and to show how secularism is both inadequate and just plain wrong.

Because religion deals with things like God, much of its contents is not subject to the scientific method, though the reasons why one chooses to believe in God or a particular religion certainly demand serious investigation, critical thinking, and a hunger for what is true.

Science and education used to be valuable tools in the search for truth, but science has chosen to answer the foundational questions of life without accepting the possibility of any supernatural causes, and education no longer considers the search to be necessary, possible, or worthwhile.

poligion: 1) the proper synthesis of religion and politics 2) the realization, belief, or position that politics and religion cannot be separated or compartmentalized, that a person’s religion invariably affects one’s political decisions and that political decisions invariably stem from one’s worldview, which is what a religion is.

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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Response to a newspaper columnist’s statement about Jews and hell

Hi Neil
I hope you are doing well.

I enjoy reading your columns.  You always have something worth reading. 

In your column on the Pope and Hebdo, you made a statement that is not true, though I am sure that statement has been used to make a point, but the point has been muddled.  I apologize that my explanation of all this is a little long, and you probably heard all this before, but your statement surprised me, so something was lost along the way.

No church believes or teaches that all Jews go to hell, or as you put it, “damned . . . for the unforgivable crime of being ourselves.” 

Jesus was Jewish, and so were Peter, Paul, and all the other apostles. 

Christians believe that the religion of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob has been thoroughly revised and updated, such that instead of calling it Judaism 2.0, it was given an entirely new name, Christianity.

The animal and grain sacrifices, practiced from before even the time of Moses and greatly expanded at his time, were replaced by Jesus’ one sacrifice and offering, his death and resurrection, Good Friday and Easter.  That’s why they happened in conjunction with Passover.  He was the new Passover lamb.

Instead of a high priest and other priests, Jesus is the new high priest and all believers become priests themselves.   

Instead of a temple, a place where God was uniquely present and where all these rites were to be performed by the priests, every believer’s body has become a sanctuary where God’s Spirit would reside.

The ethical and dietary laws were simplified and even dropped as legal requirements in many cases, though  the value of many of those laws in offering direction to one’s life even today are still recognized.  E.g. pork is no longer forbidden, but there were reasons why it was prohibited in the first place, and many believe those reasons are still valid today.  A number of sexual practices like incest and bestiality were called abominations, and the Church and most societies today still consider them off limits, though some other practices are being challenged.

Oh, and the user name and password have both been changed to J-E-S-U-S, not case sensitive.  These changes had been talked about for centuries prior to the changeover; and when the time came, many Jews switched over, but many still preferred the analog, beta, black and white, dial up, floppy disk version.   
When the reception became spotty and muffled, they rewrote the instruction manual to lower performance expectations and found meaning in the fact that they were owners of the original product, though it became more like a Victorian mansion that had been gutted and completely redone inside. 

These upgrades are still available today at no cost to anyone who asks for them, but Management will not be responsible for damages for those who don’t make the switch.

The God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob promised them that He would make a great nation out of their descendants and give them a land as their inheritance.  But first they had to live for 400 years in Egypt under Egyptian rule.  He then sent Moses to bring them out of Egypt and into this new land.  Before they entered the land, He made a covenant with them.  As part of this covenant, He gave them His laws for this new life that included an elaborate sacrificial system involving priests and animal sacrifices to make atonement for their sins.

He also warned them that if they didn’t keep His covenant, He would scatter them throughout the world.   He also promised them a time when He would bring them back to the land and restore their fortunes.
Twice in their history their nation and temple were destroyed. The first time was in 586 B.C. by the Babylonians.  He warned them this was coming and told them they would be back in the land in a short time.  A small remnant returned under Ezra, a priest, in 536 B.C.

The second time they were destroyed was in 70 A.D. by the Romans.  Survivors were scattered throughout the Roman Empire and again in 136 A.D. 

Their entire Temple system had been destroyed including their priesthood.  This second destruction of the Temple forced the Jewish leaders to rethink their whole religion.  They got together somewhere around 94 A.D. and essentially redefined the Jewish religion without the priesthood and sacrifices.

Since then, many Jewish people have accepted Jesus, and many of them no longer felt it necessary to marry only other Jews.  But there are many Jewish people today who identify themselves as Jewish believers or Messianic Jews.  They celebrate all the Jewish feasts as well as the Christian ones.  They consider themselves fully Jewish and fully Christian.  And Christian Bible is the Jewish Bible with an appendix describing all the updates with a full explanation of why they were necessary and how to implement all the changes.

Wish you well.